Well, if you want to know what Obama’s been up to and what sinister things he’s been plotting, all you have to do is watch this 30-second clip.


We all know that he’s a puppet master, sitting behind his big walls in his bazillionaire-dollar gated community with his angry wife and kids, but it also seems he’s got a dictatorship fantasy that he’s brought to life through a bumbling Alzheimer’s patient named Joe Biden.

During an interview with TDS patient and unfunny bigot Stephen Colbert, Obama admitted that he’d like nothing more than to have a Manchurian-like candidate, who was the front-man for all his goals and ideas. Obama imagines h9imself in his sweat pants in the basement with a microphone on, feeding all the lines this empty-suit guy.

Does that sound at all familiar to you?

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I mean, that’s pretty much the entire playbook and plot for 2020, right?

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You can watch the video below:

I truly believe the Dems, China, and Deep State are have unleashed this CIA-style psyop against the country – and it started back when Joe was “installed” as the Dem nominee.

They couldn’t have pulled off this attempted steal without the help of Fox News, GOP, and DOJ – and trust me, they got all the help they needed.


But through all of this, I don’t think we give Obama enough credit for his role.

Clearly, he’s put himself out there as the maestro of this fraudulent steal, and by the sounds of this interview, he really doesn’t care who knows it, does he?


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