I stumbled upon this tweet today, and I wanted to share it with you because I think it makes a very interesting statement.


I still remember the H1N1 flu. I was working in a busy Las Vegas Casino at the time in PR/Marketing, and we were given a tiny “traveling” hand sanitizer and told to wash our hands more and that was the end of that.

Nothing else changed – nothing closed, and nobody lost their marbles, but more importantly, the virus was not politized or weaponized by politicians and the media.

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Looking back though, H1N1 was actually really scary – it went after young people, which is odd for that type of virus and that was really terrifying.

However, today it’s a whole new ball game – and you may think I’m crazy for saying this, but I am convinced that liberals are having a “love affair” with COVID-19.

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No, seriously…

These unstable people have been looking for a hero to “takedown” Trump for four years now…From Stormy Daniels to Russia to Omarosa and Michael Cohen, and all the slews of people and things in between..and now, they think they found their silver bullet.


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Don’t believe me? Look what Jane Fonda said…she actually called COVID “God’s gift to the left.”

What “God” is she referring to?

Don’t be fooled…Jane speaks for so many liberals out there…

And then there’s Jennifer Aniston who commemorated COVID with a Christmas ornament.

Seriously, who behaves like this?

I’ll tell you who – people who actually believe the virus has “freed” them, that’s who.

I’m telling you, they’re having a “love affair” with this Chinese virus – a celebration, if you will…It’s the “hero” that swooped down and saved them all from that big bad orange man.

And hey, so what if people had to die…the end always justifies the means, and they were just martyrs to the greater cause, right?

In my opinion, that’s why you see such a “celebration” surrounding COVID…Liberals proudly wearing their masks in their online profile pictures, treating lockdowns like a “vacation” and don’t get me started on the dancing TikTok nurses.

You can say what you want about COVID – whether it’s real, exaggerated, or just plain phony-baloney, but you can’t argue the fact that this “pandemic” is very odd and is not how “pandemics” are usually handled or treated.

And that’s where this mega-viral tweet comes in.

Thee tweet is very simple – two pictures, one of the nurses tending to sick people in a huge warehouse-like room, and one with nurses dancing on video, with the caption “Flu of 1918” and “Covid 19”


In light of everything that’s going on, and all the questions and controversy surrounding the virus, lockdowns, and so-called “experts,”, I think you can understand why this particular tweet went so vial.

It does showcase a powerful message, doesn’t it…and it does so with so few words.

I’m telling you, it’s a “love affair…”


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