Nashville officials just released bodycam footage from Christmas morning in downtown Nashville at the scene of the RV explosion, and it’s wild.


As I was watching it, I obviously knew what was coming – I just didn’t know exactly when on the cam footage, so when the bomb went off I was caught off guard and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

The entire video is very creepy – it looks like something you’d see straight out of a Hollywood movie.

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You can watch the video below (explosion happens around thee 3: 52 mark):

Downtown Nashville looked like a dystopian studio set, and that horrific monotone “countdown warning” mumbling off in the distance just added to the bizarre nightmare of it all.

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Even though it’s disturbing, it’s still an interesting clip to watch, mainly to get a birds-eye view of what the brave men and women in law enforcement face.

I don’t know how they do what they do…

On a side note, the FBI announced today that they may never know the “motives” of the RV bomber. 🙄

We kinda figured that would happen, right?


Many people feared this situation would end up exactly like the Lass Vegas shooting…a big collective “shrug” of the shoulders and a “well, time to move on” attitude.

Nobody trusts the disgraced FBI anymore.


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