As you likely know by now there was a Christmas Day bomb-attack in downtown Nashville.


Form The Tennessean 

Nashville is turning from relief to resolve, Mayor John Cooper said Friday evening after an explosion in the early morning downtown upended Christmas Day, causing destruction for several blocks.

There are no known suspects nor motive behind a bomb that detonated inside a parked RV on Nashville’s historic Second Avenue near Lower Broadway.

Police have found what they believe are human remains but had not confirmed any fatalities.

Cooper, at the last update for the evening, said the relief that not more people were injured has now turned to anger and determination to bring those responsible to justice.

“This was a terrible day, but Nashville has faced other challenges, particularly this year. We can rebuild and get back to normal,” he said. “This morning’s attack on our community was intended to create chaos and fear in this season of peace and hope, but the spirit of our city cannot be broken.”

Authorities say the explosion was deliberate and intentional.

We’re being told an RV was filled with explosives and parked in front of the AT& building and supposedly some strange “countdown” message was broadcast from the RV warning people to steer clear, that it was about to explode.

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You can watch the video below:

It’s all very odd and extremely creepy – and given the fact that people no longer trust their government or the crooked and disgraced FBI, nobody is believing anything coming from federal officials.

So, this type of suspicion and lack of trust for people in charge always gives way to conspiracy theories and people conducting their own “investigations.” This can be good and bad. In some cases, this is how the truth comes to light, but it can also be a way for a lot of disinformation to spread.


And on new video making the rounds claims to be an “alternate angle” of the explosion and folks who’ve watched it say the explosion looks more like a missile than an RV bomb.

What say you?


Here are some comments:

“I think it was a tactical nuke artillery round.”

“No visible projectile, it depends on if they find rocket pieces.”

“Wow. Drone.”

“No, it’s a bomb”

“Maybe China is warning that Biden must win.”

“Or an RV loaded with a fertilizer bomb — same as was used in the Oklahoma bombing …”

“The potential is there, it’s happens so fast you may miss it. Sure the RV blew up but was a missile fired at it??”

“It actually does look like what I’ve seen to be missile attacks.”

Many people also fear that this attack will end the same way the Las Vegas attack ended – with a big question mark and everyone being told, “we couldn’t figure it out, please move on…”

What’s really sad is to see how many people have lost so much faith in the people who are supposedly “protecting us.”


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