Well, it’s finally happening…we’re actually getting a forensic audit in the state of Michigan…the state that many believe was the epicenter of the “steal.”


As you likely know by now, crooked Wayne County is what propelled Biden to his “historic” (cough, cough) “win” in my home state, and rumors of ballot stuffing and “rigged” voting machines have tainted and cast a dark light on the Michigan election.

But could there be light on the horizon?

Looks like it…

Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis appeared on Fox News and explained that a Judge in Antrim County has granted Team Trump access to 22 Dominion voting machines, where they can conduct a forensic audit…and it’s happening TODAY.

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Now, Antrim County is “Trump-friendly,” and it’s located up in the Traverse City area (where Michael Moore lives haha) and it’s a long way from Wayne County, which is the Detroit area – but that’s okay – it’s still important to finally get in there and dissect these machines.

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You can watch the video below:

Thank the good Lord that Trump has such amazing fighters on his side and that they’re keeping up the pressure and not backing down and exploring every avenue they possibly can to expose this fraud.


There will never be anything that anyone can say or do that will convince me that Biden won the 2020 election.

He was probably the worst candidate I’ve ever seen and ran the worst campaign I’ve ever seen, with the least bit of support and excitement I’ve ever seen.

This was an epic steal, and the only way to make this right is to award the win to the man who actually won: Donald J. Trump.


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