I’ve long written off Mitch McConnell. When I learned that he has ties with China through his wife, how in heaven’s name, can you not think that the man is compromised.

James S. C. Chao is the father of McConnell’s wife, Elaine. James is reportedly worth $24 million, and during the 2009 recession, the Kentucky lawmaker got richer. According to Forbes, “Federal financial disclosures list assets in wide ranges. The totals in McConnell’s disclosure jumped from a range of $3.1 million to $12.7 million in 2007 to $7.3 million to $33.1 million in 2008. The big reason for that increase: a $5 million-to-$25 million gift from the elder Chao in memory of Elaine’s mother, Ruth, who died at age 77 in 2007.”


Forbes also estimates the McConnell fortune at $20 million today. I don’t begrudge someone’s hard work and success, but I do if they are dirty and a backstabber. There’s nothing McConnell can do or say that’ll change my mind; he’s presided over disaster for conservatives, and as I said before, he’s compromised.

I had given McConnell a bit of slack since he had teamed with Trump on filling the courts hugely. However, along with Graham, he’s always been part of the “good old boys” of Congress, as have most of the others. McConnell and the others are a perfect example of why the GOP has been a worthless party – never in the lead until Trump. It is because they would rather secure their own megabucks derived, drink at the same trough with all the other tailings of political sludge than serve the Country that grants them all these perks.

I think it is time for President Trump to use the power that he has as President of the United States and appear on every channel in America via the national broadcasting system and lay out his case showing the coup and voter fraud against him. He should let us know as he is speaking, the people behind it are being arrested and that there will be a new election, in-person voting only, with the military and Republicans, Democrats monitoring it.


If Biden is elected on this fr**d, the Democrats will have four whole years to correct the mistakes they made in dealing with this fr**dulent election and there will never be another legally legitimate election in America, ever again. Pres. Trump, using his power, is the only one that can set this right.

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Many in the Republican party in the House and the Senate are happy to see Pres. Trump gone, don’t you believe that? The Republican Party is more at home in the minority and letting the democrats walk all over them. Only a few Republicans backed Trump; many others stood by and said nothing about the phony Russian Hoax or the phony Impeachment. The media called Trump a Russian Asset, a traitor, and now the same media talking heads are preaching Unity under Biden. It will snow pink in July before that ever happens.

Republicans were given a chance to remake the party when the Tea Party arrived on the scene. But instead, the establishment smashed it. Some were defeated in subsequent elections, while others were lured away. And a few never believed in Tea Party principles but pretended to, to get elected. Democrats don’t have these problems. What is their secret sauce for keeping their members principled and loyal?


Sen. Mitt Romney is an excellent example of what I am commenting about. If you didn’t know Mitt, you would think he was a democrat. Many who are cheering that Trump is gone will soon rue the day. How about this, wait until the Nation returns to the Barack Obama years and gun control come about, and free speech is only allowed by democrats and liberals. The economy returns to the level that it was under Obama, and the unemployment rate goes sky high as it did under Obama. Joe Biden is not running the country; Obama is.

McConnell has always done what’s best for McConnell; he couldn’t care less what’s good for the country. Let’s have a look at his net worth from before he became a Senator to now. I’m sure there are at least six zeros behind any number he pulls out of his tail. McConnell loves power, power for himself, and the money he can rake-off from the taxpayers with it.

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t 12 honest politicians in the whole sewer of DC, doesn’t it?



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