Well, we all know Mitt Romney isn’t exactly a Rhodes Scholar, right?

He lost a totally winnable election to a failing Obama, and then he decided to trash his entire career and reputation because he was jealous of Trump.


Romney misread the room back in 2016 and thought he could ride in like the white knight and “save” the Republican Party from the bad “Orange Man.”

Nevermind that it was because of people like Mitt that Trump rose to power, and also never mind that Romney begged Trump to fund all of his past campaigns.

And when that effort failed, Romney tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration by securing the Secretary of State role – he didn’t get it – that role went to another globalist traitor Rex Tillerson.

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Romney took that rejection especially hard and his TDS shot up from Stage 3 to Stage 5.

And he’s been lashing out uncontrollably, and without reason every since.

And that brings us to Mark Levin’s latest brilliant observation of good ol’ Mittens.

Mark Levin says Romney is a dumbass but for a whole new reason this time…and he really does make a good point.

Here’s what he said:

“Remember when Romney voted to remove President Trump for a perfectly legitimate phone call but dismissed the evidence of Hunter Biden’s serial sleazy business deals as nonsense?  With all due respect, what a dumb ass.”

Well, you can’t argue with that, can you?

I also encourage you to watch Levin’s opening monologue from his recent show.

This is the video that Trump put on his Youtube and retweeted last night.



If there’s been one person who has back up President Trump and his efforts to save this country, it’s Mark Levin.


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