It’s amazing to me how disinterested the right is over this massive election fraud.


Think back to the passion everyone had when they fought against the Kavanaugh attacks…it was like an army of people coming together to fight against injustice and it worked.

Now, compare that to the 2020 election fraud, and it’s like comparing a huge pay-per-view MMA fight to two fat guys arm wrestling in a kitchen

The GOP is basically yawning over this whole thing – and people that might care, aren’t speaking up much, while the other swamp creatures are secretly doing a happy dance because they’ve always hated Trump.

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And then you look at all of these so-called MAGA “blue-checks” on Twitter…they fought their fannies off for Kavanaugh, but now if you look at their timelines, they’re talking about the pros and cons of feeding dogs grain-free food.

It’s disgusting to see, but I think I figured out why this happened and why so many people are checked-out.

In short, they’re afraid of being labeled “Q Kooks”…the media successfully branded any “theories” about the 2020 election as “Q-level” craziness. So, all of these blue-checks and politicians are reluctant to get too deeply involved, for fear they’ll be mocked as a “Q conspiracy theorist” and be subjected to trolling and mockery from their peers.

The irony in all of this is that Russia-obsessed fruitcakes are the ones now calling us “kooks,” for suggesting “wild” things like China is behind this coup to take out Trump…

I’m sorry, but how on earth is that a “crazy” idea?

Or that election software created by a company that donated tons of cash to Dems was somehow manipulated to give a win to a Democrat candidate.

Why is that so crazy of an idea?

It’s not.

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The left’s standard response to anything “election-related” is “YOU NEED EVIDENCE!” … really? You idiots ran a fake Russia psyop with no evidence for 5-years…but Dems are shameless, they don’t care what people say about them, they just keep pushing the message and plowing forward.

Many conservatives are not like that. Instead, they fancy themselves to be very virtuous people who only work in “facts.”

We’re better than the left because we embrace facts…

That’s why when people like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell started saying very bold things, these “virtuous fact-checking conservatives” immediately backed off, and even started criticizing them and demanding “evidence”…they wanted to send a very clear signal to their peers on the left that they’re not “kooks” and they only deal in “facts,” bla bla bla.

The right is weak when it comes to this sort of battle. They’re prisoners of their own so-called virtue and morality and as a result, they scamper off and sit in a corner waiting for the storm to blow over.

So, that’s why somebody like Lt. Gen. McInerney, who is calling for military tribunals, Marshall Law, and the Insurrection Act, is labeled a “kook,” and the right and the left will mock him for it.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here’s what he saying;

“Lt. Gen. McInerney: “Initiate the Insurrection Act, declare Martial Law, suspend Habeas corpus, and set up military tribunals. Those are things that must be done in this emergency. It is a national emergency…”


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Lt. Gen. McInerney: “If we don’t solve it now, it will never be solved because we will move into a tyrannical situation…”

You can watch the videos below:

Now, there are some reasonable people who are legitimately fighting against this election fraud who think this type of talk is counter-productive, and “fringe,” and that’s okay. We can all have our opinions, but let’s not squash people or mock them, or act liberals…just let people share ideas, what’s the harm, for crying out loud?

I’m sure a lot of people thought the Founding Fathers were nuts, too.


But whatever you think about Lin Wood, Sidney, or the General, I still say it’s better to be calling out the fraud, than to be a coward who sits in a corner saying nothing at all.


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