Kamala Harris appears to be desperately trying to pander again.


A newly uncovered photo seems to discredit a recent tweet Harris put out where she claimed that her family celebrating Kwanza was one of her “favorite childhood memories.”

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Well this photo of young Harris celebrating Kwanza looks an awful lot like Christmas…

Sadly this isn’t Harris’ first time pandering around the holidays.

Her and her husband released a cringeworthy video this year of them praising Hanukkah, calling it “one of our favorite holidays.”

From JakeDonnelly.com

This video is exactly why we need to stop pandering. It is hard to describe how wrong every part of this video is; if you asked somebody to say something about Hannukah without them actually knowing the first thing about the holiday or Judaism, the above video is exactly what you would get. Hannukah is not about “the light, and bringing light” or some such nonsense. Hannukah is about war. “The Festival of Lights” is all about Jewish self-determination in their ancestral homeland and the fight to throw off the yoke of secularism. In modern terms, Hannukah is about Zionism.

Nor is Hannukah about Tikkun Olam. My G-d, please, politicians, stop pandering! Every line in this pandering and borderline idolatrous video is worse than the next. You are clearly using terms you know nothing about simply because you are trying to pander to Jews. Why? Why are you doing this? There is no reason to pander like this except to try and get people to like you. You are not doing anything productive here. In fact, you are doing a disservice to Jews worldwide by spreading falsehoods about the religion.


It seems like Kamala just loves every holiday that’s not rooted in Christianity.

What’s next?

Will she declare herself a Pagan next year and celebrate the Winter Solstice?

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