All eyes are on SCOTUS today and Justice Alito. It is “make or break” time with the PA lawsuit brought to the SCOTUS by congressional candidate Sean Parnell.

Will SCOTUS hear arguments?


Some are thinking they might be based on what Justice Alito just requested from the state of Pennsylvania.

Alito has just asked PA to respond to the lawsuit before they seat their electors today.

Here’s the scoop:

MORE NEWS: TX AG Uses “Article III” to Bypass Lower Courts and Go Directly to SCOTUS…Lawsuit Against PA, MI, WI Was Filed at 12am

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“This could be a major development at the SCOTUS, Justice Alito has ordered Pennsylvania to respond to a critical election irregularity lawsuit THIS MORNING. The Supreme Court could rule BEFORE PA seats its electors at NOON today.”

And their response was stunning…

They’re basically arguing that it doesn’t matter that laws were broken – they’re saying it would be worse if SCOTUS interfered now.

Here’s the scoop and a screenshot of the actual response: “Pennsylvania files their response to the Supreme Court and basically they say that even if laws were broken, they shouldn’t interfere.”

And here are more observations from that tweet thread:

The Pennsylvania team lied in their filing. Not one single claim has been rejected by a state or federal court on the merit of evidence. they have ALL been procedural rejections, no evidence has been submitted past signed affidavits. This lie should really intrigue Alito.

We broke the law, but retaliation would sow chaos and confusion. unreal.


So, basically, the left is saying, “yes, this was an illegal mess, but if you undo it now, it will be worse, so you need to just allow the cheating to stand and get on with it.”

Which really isn’t surprising, since that’s the basic attitude we’ve gotten since this farce of an election was held by both Dems and the GOP establishment.


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