It’s crazy the power just one tweet and one word for that matter has over the left.


Ivanka set liberal heads on fire when she took to Twitter and put out a message that just simply said: Iowa.

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And the left lost their dang minds…

Ivanka, I speak for over 80 million Americans when I say go fuck yourself.

Ivanka’s already started her presidential campaign.

Kindly get my state out of your mouth. Same goes to you, @IAGovernor until you have any semblance of plan for actually helping the people of this state.

You’re not President of the United States. You’re a senior advisor to your daddy, huge difference @IvankaTrump I understand your confusion, every job you ever had came from daddy…. like everything else you have

We don’t❤ you

You aren’t going to be president ever.

Great. You can move there. Pack your shit.

Have you actually had a real conversation with someone from Iowa? Oh that’s right, that’s a flyover state. Not worth your time.


It’s funny how Ivanka’s tweet was actually just mentioning an interesting fact about the state and in no way appeared to be an attempt to declare her bid for presidency.

Looks like Dems are very fragile these days.

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