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Election integrity is the foundational bedrock of the republic. Free and fair elections are the only peaceful mechanism available to the public to hold officials accountable. If fraudulent actors subvert the process and thwart the people’s will, accountability goes out the window. That leaves the law-abiding citizen with two options —1) Surrender; 2) The Reckoning.

There is no doubt Dominion machines were rigged on a national level. A group of Democrats knew it. I don’t believe it was on a large scale because it’s been proven that large crowds can’t keep a secret.

If these coup leaders are not rounded up and punished, it is over. Dems will be bold now, in your face with their treachery, and will triple down on fraud whenever they can, at every election. What will Republicans, who are currently elected, do to stop things, nothing? Look at Mitch McConnell, who is showing off his backstabbing skills in the way of telling Republicans not to upset the apple cart and stand down so that the election of Joe Biden will go through without a hitch.


America is in the same situation as when Thomas Beckett was slain at the supposed behest of Henry II. It threw the whole of Europe into chaos and political confusion. It was remedied only after King Henry II repented.

Now we have the political assassination of Donald Trump.

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Re-run the election properly, with international observers, in the disputed states. No postal ballots. In-person only with ID. It’s that or goodbye to the USA.

There might be some in the GOP who try to do the right thing, but it won’t be enough. It’s why I didn’t join the party back in 2007. I remained an independent conservative. I belong to no party as they are all incorrigible.

I’m a conservative, not a Republican, and I haven’t contributed to the Republican Party for decades. Having now witnessed how they’ve treated this President, arguably one of the greatest in our history, a promise keeper if ever there was one, I see no good reason to support them ever again. The Republican Party is no different than the Democrat Party. They are all just a bunch of good old boys looking out for themselves. The Country, the People, can go to Hell in a handbasket as far as they are concerned, so long as they get their personal slice of the pie. They’re all corrupt. If I am wrong, prove it.


There is no fire in the belly among the RINO’s, the GOPe, the Never-Trumpers, and the sunshine patriots. The courts have folded. Even the newly minted SCOTUS is unwilling to step-up to their basic responsibilities to protect and defend our COTUS.

Given this bleak outlook, what is left? The answer is simple. There are 74 Million who will support and defend what is needed. The swamp, big tech, and MSM might have won a battle, but they will not win this fight for this Republic’s soul. Each one of us needs to do what we can, where we can do it, as best we can.

The way the GOP leadership latched on to ownership of “Pakistani Gender Studies Funding”…..during a pandemic tells me all I need to know about their “priorities.”

I’ve never seen anyone defend the indefensible like Lindsey Graham defended the funding for Pakistani gender studies during a US pandemic what a stupid hill to die on and lose your party over.

To paraphrase a past Republican President, Every republican, in every state legislature, Congress now has a decision to make. Either you are with your constituents, or you are with the election fraudsters.


Even if they happen to do the right thing, which I doubt they will, I will not be voting for another Republican again. Local? Nope. National? Nope. I have already emailed my representatives and Senators, and I got back the standard non-response response. Non-committal.

I called and left messages. No response. I guess they were too busy giving our money away to other countries. I will only vote for members of a new party. America’s first agenda only.

If that means that Democrats always win, that is no different than what is described in this article. Perhaps it will hasten the divorce of the US.


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