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On Christmas Eve, a group of Seattle activists, Tacoma Housing Now (THN), “occupied” a Travelodge and demanded that Seattle pay the bill. This group moved 16 homeless people into rooms and only paid for one night.

Here’s the kicker, and don’t blame the homeless. The homeless people did not move out after 24 hours, and THN declared the opportunity an “occupation.” They demanded Seattle defund the police department and use that money to fund the Travelodge as a homeless shelter. If that didn’t work, they wanted COVID relief funds to take care of the bill.

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Here we have a classic example of leftist work ethic and ideology. You see, they cannot function in our world, the grown-up world. So they demand that others pay for their means of living, their basic needs, their survival.

Let me guess, college grads who owe the government for paying their education to a college or university that didn’t teach them to think for themselves. If they were smart, they’d start a class-action lawsuit against the colleges and universities that decided to indoctrinate rather than educate them.

So by their logic, I can move into their spare bedroom, and they have to house and feed me, and not a damn thing they can do about it. Oh, wait, why didn’t they open up their homes to these people? I say send the police force to remove them because they’re there illegally. You’re hurting that person’s business, and you know they’re damaging the rooms. They need to get new leadership.

If you have a business in the Seattle area, it’s time to leave the area; there are no protections, police left are not allowed to enforce the law in a year watch there will be 100s of unsolved murders. Two banks have plans to close branches in King County. None of this was trump. it was all the democratic voters and those they elected

You have to love how all these “activists” are just now caring about the homeless. Also, funny how they have no problem shoving them into other people’s properties. If they “cared more about these people,” then they should have footed the bill instead of just one night.


I think they should be rounded up and put on community service. Instead of feeling entitled, do something productive.

I can’t help but feel so sorry for the owner of this hotel. It’s not like he can pick up and operate his business from someplace where they value the police and don’t let terror-wielding activists ruin his livelihood.

This is the inevitable consequence of ‘sparing the rod and spoiling the child.’ Children who are not taught that actions have consequences grow into adults (or at least grow to voting age) who assume they can do anything and get away with it. And when other spoiled children in positions of authority let them get away with it, it just gets worse.

This country is headed in a terrible direction. We will destroy ourselves. No need to worry about a foreign enemy. They’re within our borders. We’re watching the dismantling of civilized society. One day – hopefully soon – “militias” will be seen as a positive and the rightful and Constitutional means of defending the Republic.


This insanity will not stop until people stand up and say enough. For the time being, the citizens in these cities have elected the officials who are enabling this garbage. It is time for those citizens to learn that decades of liberal policies have consequences.

But then again, they voted for this crap. Let them have at it for the whole country to see. Let the world see what liberalism does to a beautiful city. Show them the disease that liberalism really is. Set back and watch the show, folks. When the folks have had enough insanity, maybe they will get back to the constitution as it is meant to be. Till then, let them pound sand.

The term “wild west” seems to have taken on a new meaning. About time to revert to the old ways of law enforcement, I mean late 1800s law enforcement.


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