A leftwing undercover immigration reporter claims they’ve uncovered a major lie About Alec Baldwin’s wife.


Alec’s wife Hilaria claims she was born in Spain – however, a savvy Twitter user and leftist undercover reporter by the name of Aurra Bogado says there’s a whole lot more to the story and Hilaria is lying.

From Revolver 

Alec Baldwin was an A-list Hollywood actor in the 90s. Then he got too fat to be a leading man and switched to TV. Most recently he has been a recurring guest star on the famously unfunny sketch comedy show SNL, where he periodically portrays President Trump. He’s also been able to return to the silver screen in animated films like “Boss Baby” where he’s not required to appear on camera.

Despite his declining career and increasing weight, in 2012, Baldwin was able to marry Hilaria Thomas, a Manhattan yoga instructor 26 years his junior. Hilaria, who sometimes, but not always, speaks with a Spanish accent, claims to be a native Spanish speaker born in Spain.

Some are casting doubt on these claims though, including left-wing ethnic activists who are usually aligned with Baldwin.

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Here’s what Aura said:

For nearly a decade, @Latina touted @hilariabaldwin, a white woman with white parents from Massachusetts. During this time, the magazine has been accused of erasing black latinas, and publishing pieces about how white latinas are somehow discriminated for not being dark enough.

The fact that @hilariabaldwin pretended to be from Spain with that ridiculous accent, while some of us have been denied opportunities for our actual accents, is disgusting. The fact that she pretended to be an immigrant, at a time of hatred, detention, and deportation, is sick.

Since being an immigrant (especially an undocumented immigrant!) has become a type of chic identity, let’s be clear: IF YOU’RE BORN TO A US CITIZEN PARENT IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, YOU ARE A US CITIZEN. If you arrive in the US with a US passport, you are a US citizen, not an immigrant.

Over and over again in the last few years, I’ve seen and heard people who were born to a US citizen in another country claim they are immigrants. They are not. Like John McCain, they are US citizens, and enjoy the privileges of US citizenship at birth, in another country.

Being an actual immigrant, having an actual accent, those are things that exist and are particular to certain people. Immigrants of color with accents find it even more challenging. It’s beyond offensive that @hilariabaldwin
pretended to be someone she’s not.

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Here is a video of Hilaria speaking with a heavy “Latina” accent.

Here’s what a Twitter user said about the video: “You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person. Fake Spanish accent debut – this woman grew up in Massachusetts”

In one video below, she supposedly “struggles” to say “English” words like “cucumber,” while in the next video her accent magically disappears:

According to Revolver, further investigation revealed that her supposed Spanish mother also speaks without an accent and grew up in Massachusetts.

I highly suggest you read the entire piece from Revolver, it’s chock full of more evidence that Alec and his wife are running an “Elizabeth Warren-type” scam.


And is it any wonder? Alec Baldwin is a nutjob filled with Stage 5 TDS and uncontrollable rage – would it really surprise anyone that he and his Trump-hating wife are also scam artists?


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