Former NFL star Herschel Walker certainly isn’t mincing any words.

Walker just issued a bold statement where he concluded that anyone who certifies the 2020 election should be in jail.


Herschel issued this statement in conjunction with the 270 page report from Sydney Powell, which he believes proves some major funny business took place during the election.

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Of course there were many who agreed with Walker on this belief.

Check it out:

I haven’t even read it and I agree!I would like to know what has happened to those people in that late night video taken in GA where they were pulling suitcases out from underneath tables after they lied about a water main break and made everyone leave, particularly Ruby Freeman.

And yet the majority of the population have no knowledge of this. The dissemination of info has been stifled. There has to be a blitz of voices/info across the country that are NOT the voice of @POTUS.

Herschel is 100% correct. Those who certified election results with zero due diligence should be subject to both civil and criminal charges. Letting this crap stand without accountability is reprehensible

Yes Herschel,it seems the Cards R stacked against USa but with God all things can be done,I know there’s Millions of AMERICANS Praying,let’s pray,hope if only 1 of USa has pleased Our Lord & earned His Favor He will have Mercy on USa seems MANY including Myself ain’t Worthy🇺🇸✝️

I agree Herschel…..I went over it last night and it is FACTUAL and CONVINCING!!


There are many who believe something serious needs to happen with the many voter fraud claims filed in these swing states.

For the most part, it seems like most claims of fraud have just been swept under the rug.

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