One nagging aspect of this entire election situation is a point of “constitutional legality.” It’s the idea if we support the Constitution, which many of us have given the oath to protect, the question arises as to what action is required to save it, how far do we go to defend it, and at what point do we the people implement real action?

You can only push a man so far before he doesn’t want to be pushed anymore.

They don’t hand out training manuals for this to the general population. President Trump knows what’s at stake and has reminded us frequently about the 2nd Amendment going away if Democrats win. That is just one thing that will disappear from the government’s approval list should Biden take power in DC.


Well, it’s safe to say we’re nearing the flashpoint – that spark that will set off the proverbial powder keg. The Dems wanted this. They and the media have pushed us around for years, and they’re about to find out if we’re all talk or their worst nightmare. The establishment politicians and the media and courts believe government waves its magic wand, signs bills into law, or hands-down edicts and viola! Instant obedience.

Right now, we’re waiting to see what President Trump is going to do ( he has to get this right), especially with the Insurrection Act (not martial law, since the act is constitutional, passed by congress and signed by a president) and is aimed at a limited use of military forces inside the US. Martial law can be limited, but it is beyond what the Insurrection Act is about. Of course, the Left will go absolutely ape, and the whole thing may blow up in everybody’s face.

The nearly 75 million people who voted for Trump will not quietly accept the results of this massively fraudulent, stolen election. The concerted efforts by the Left to prevent any examination of the voting machines across the country only serves to show that the election was indeed stolen. Once awake to leftist perfidy, it will not be possible to go back to sleep, even if somehow Trump decided to concede. But there is no indication of that happening. The corrupt, geriatric, senile stooge of the CCP will never be allowed to sit in the White House to sell the country to the globalist NWO. We will fight to prevent that.

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Trump has the tools but requires convincing the general population of the treachery and treason, which amounts to a coup disguised as an election. That may necessitate taking over the media with military personnel.

Part of me loves the idea since they’d be getting just desserts, but the other part realizes this is dangerous. President Trump must punish the TRAITORS. No getting around it. Allowed to go free and seize power, and they will most certainly punish those they deem as Trump supporters.


Too many have not been personally affected yet. The lights still work, there is still plenty of food, gas is still cheap, sports are still on TV, etc. When those things change (and they will), people will begin to wake up and wonder what happened. Of course, by then, it will probably be far too late to do anything.

Remember Winston Churchill’s words: “If you will not fight when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you do not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate; you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

We have to try to do this in a way that preserves the Republic and secures the Constitution. That’s not easy. Like it or not, giving up our guns is not an option. We’re not going to give up our guns, which is how the 16 genocides in the 20th century were able to murder tens of millions of citizens who were not war casualties but “chosen” for extinction by the evil goons in charge of governments. If we give up our guns, there is no reason for the people who have demonstrated their evil natures to hold back.


Sometimes when God is preparing to destroy the wicked, he first gives them what they desire. “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed forever” – Psalms 92:7 (or for sleepy Joe Palm 92:7)

By all means, we should do all we can. Even though conservatives have been placed in a cyber gulag where voices are censored and banned, never give up. Whatever happens, will work to God’s purpose. Even if we suffer for a season, God wins in the end. They shall not stand.

God help us because the Republican establishment will not.

I will be there supporting the President whether we will celebrate Trump’s re-election or bid him farewell. However, I feel something big will happen for Trump to call us to the nation’s capital. I don’t think he’s expecting this to be a somber goodbye. Something is up. I hope I’m right.



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