General Flynn is free from the nasty chains that bound him, and now he’s in full-blown battle mode.


After his presidential pardon, and looney liberal Judge Sullivan finally dropping the case against him, Flynn is a fully free man and he’s ready to take on the next fight.

You can practically see the tactical “general” in him, plotting and scheming for war in each one of his tweets.

And in case you didn’t know, General Flynn has a “digital army” and he’s calling on them to start digging for dirt – namely into the China/Dem scandals that are bubbling up.

That brings us to the first “battle” tweet I stumbled upon from General Flynn.

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In this tweet here, Flynn is commenting on a tweet highlighting the China spy scandal with disgraced Rep Eric Swalwell. The piece goes on to say that Swalwell’s dalliance with the pretty Chinese Spy known as “Fang Fang” was not a one-off situation…it was much more involved than that.

This prompted General Flynn to encourage his “Digital Army” to get crackin’ and start digging. “Now here’s an investigation worthy of conducting.”

Notice the subtle sarcasm there about “worthy investigations.” Well, done, Sir.

But it’s not just Dems that Flynn is eyeballing for battle.

No way.

He’s also got his sights set on RINOs and traitors in the Republican Party…

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In this next “battle tweet” I found, General Flynn is retweeting and commenting on a tweet from Lin Wood. In the tweet, Lin is describing a sneaky little trick the “Republican” Secretary of State used to weasel out of testifying before the GA House hearing on voter irregularities.

General Flynn responded by saying that the devil did go down to Georgia, and apparently stuck a pitchfork in the “read-ends” of Kemp, Raffensperger, Perdue, and Loeffler.

Yes, he’s even calling out the two Senate candidates.

He’s calling out all the so-called “Republicans” in GA who have not only let Trump down but also let down 74+ million Americans…namely, their voting base.

Flynn is holding nothing back. He’s openly calling for digital war against the left and the traitors on the right.

And don’t forget, Flynn is finally free to “talk” now…so we can likely look forward to many more battles with a lot more ammo in the near future.


In the meantime, you can bet that Flynn will be looking at his online battle map, and commanding that “digital army” of patriots.


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