This video is really catching some attention on social media and it has many asking some serious questions.

A citizen reporter posted his visit to a hospital in Virginia, where he claims there’s not as many patients as what has been reported.


He questions on the staff on where all the patients are and why if the hospital doesn’t seem overrun with COVID-19, then why are so many small businesses and restaurants are closed.

Of course, the staff remains mostly silent to this man’s questions and continue forcing him out of the building, into the parking lot.

Watch the video:

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There was a lot of speculation on social media after this video was posted, with many thanking this brave citizen for asking these questions.

Incredible! The lies! And, Americans are going along with this charade! They don’t seem to understand that they may be the very next victims of the lies. As long as they have a job, it’s not their problem to do anything about the lies.

Never apologize for being true to yourself and speaking your truth. It’s infuriating and EVERYONE should be pissed off!
Thank you for being fearless and righteous!

Good for you bringing the empty hospitals to let us all see… thank you.

I travel weekly to hospitals nationwide … and have non stop. It’s a lie. There is NO spike .. they are NOT full … it’s complete and utter political bullshit

We’re so sick of being treated this way. We just want to operate our businesses & go back to normal. We never bothered anyone, we just wanted peace. Now we’re angry as hell & that says a lot coming from law abiding, rule following citizens. WE DEMAND OUR LIVES BACK! #Fightback


It’s clear that Americans are fed up with the smoke and mirrors around this.

Many are suspicious of claims made by both medical professionals and of course politicians on this virus.

This only makes sense; as this has all been widely politicized.

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