Well, it looks like the swamp is coming together once again to stick it to Trump supporters.

As you know, President tump has called on patriots to flood DC on January 6th.


So, of course, the DC swamp has to do its part and try and ruin anything Trump supporters do – including elections – by shutting down hotels.

The thought is, if the hotels shut down, Trump supporters will have nowhere to stay, so they won’t come to DC.

Gee, how very “free speech” of them, right?

The Hotel Harington was reportedly intimidated by liberals into closing.

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Again, how very “inclusive and open” of them…🙄

From Gateway Pundit

The Hotel Harrington and its companion Harry’s Bar will close for a three day period around the January 6 pro-Trump in Washington, D.C. The move comes after the hotel was called out by local liberal activists, elected officials and the Washington Post for serving as an unofficial headquarters for the Proud Boys during recent pro-Trump marches. The hotel bar was also fined by the D.C. government for not enforcing coronavirus mask mandates on weekends when the Proud Boys were there en masse.

The hotel will close January 4,5 and 6. Harry’s Bar will close the 5th and 6th.

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Here’s the flyer:

But if communist liberals think this move will thwart Trump supporters, they’re sadly mistaken.

“Stop The Steal” leader Ali took to Twitter to address the “hotel issue.”

He sent out a tweet that let the left know that we will not be deterred, and if need be, MAGA has a “plan B” ready to roll out.

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Here’s what he said: “Let me be clear: any hotel that shuts down because of our #JAN6 event and the POTUS tweet, we will find new rooms elsewhere. If we lose all hotels, I will have tents crowdfunded and I will turn the District of Columbia into the District of Trump. DO. NOT. TEST. OUR. RESOLVE.”

Over the past four years, the entire swamp came together as one unified force to take down President Trump and his America First movement.

And while they may have won a few battles recently, this is a long war, and we will be victorious.


If you’re planning to go to DC on January 6th, and are having issues booking a hotel, please reach out to Ali and he can help put you in touch with people who can help.

The number one most important thing right now is to show up and support President Trump.


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