Trump’s top aide Dan Scsavino has been keeping MAGA on its toes lately.


Everyone is convinced that he’s sending a “message” with his cryptic tweets.

He’s been publishing some very powerful images that have people scratching their heads and wondering what’s going on…

Here are the tweets Dan sent out form his personal Twitter account that has everyone talking:

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Everyone’s trying to figure out what Dan is saying through these images…but one former Trump advisor thinks he’s decoded the message.

George Papadopoulos says he’s cracked the code and figured out the “message” behind what Dan is tweeting out.

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Here’s what George said: “Aide to President Trump Dan Scavino has posted 3 pictures with war time and populist leaders: Lincoln, Churchill & Jackson The message is clear. It’s time.”

What do you think? Is Dan sending a secret message, or just celebrating Tump’s amazing leadership and the powerful movement that he’s created?
No matter how this election result turns out (we all know Trump won), but if for some reason the bad guys win this round, I can tell you this much – Trump will become even more powerful than he is right now…And if he prevails and his landslide win stands, he will be more powerful than ever before.
Regardless of the outcome, the fight goes on and Trump gains power either way and so does our movement.
Don’t forget that.

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