What on earth has happened to conservative media?

It’s like right after the election, the rug was pulled from beneath our feet and many of these publication that usually supported Trump, had now turned the other cheek.


Of course, you could always see the small bits of the anti-Trump, establishment GOP peaking through from time to time, but now as Trump faces his biggest hurdle yet, they’re shedding the facade and are boldly showing that they’ve accepted the president’s defeat.

Which reflects some GOP members who haven’t just accepted that defeat, but are actually relishing in it, like Republican Senator David Perdue, who is absolutely gushing over the prospect of working with Joe Biden.

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MORE NEWS:[VIDEO] GA Senate Candidate Perdue Thinks Mitch McConnell Will Have Better Results Working With Biden

And oddly enough, conservative power houses like Breitbart, Daily Caller and Daily Wire have not covered this horrific video at the time of publishing this story.

Here’s an example of what Breitbart’s front page looks like right now:


This all coincides with Breitbart and other conservative outlets choice to publish many hit pieces on attorney Lin Wood, when he encouraged conservatives to only vote for the GOP in the Georgia runoff election if the candidates had earned their votes.

Well, many outlets took what Wood said completely out of context and proceeded to shred both him and Sidney Powell for discouraging people to vote, even though that’s not precisely what they said.

They’re becoming nearly as bad as the liberal media.

Omitting information to push a narrative, twisting words and dragging people through the mud.

It’s truly shameful.

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