There is nothing worse than a RINO. I loathe these types of politicians even more than I do liberals. At least with liberals, you know what you’re getting. But these RINOs like Cali Rep. Adam Kinzinger are an even more diabolical breed of swamp creature because they’re supposed to be on our side.


They’re not.

Kinzinger is a straight-up progressive. The only reason he even has an “R” next to his name is that his district is “conservative” and he couldn’t win any other way.

He’s never been a “Trump supporter,” but the second the election was (supposedly) over, this guy came out swinging against Trump like a crazed bat out of hell.

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He’s such a smug jerk that his entire “fan base” online are actually Democrats.

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And of course, Adam doesn’t believe there was any “election fraud” at all. He’s just thrilled that Trump is facing possible defeat.

Kinzinger actually thinks fighting against election fraud is a “scam.”

Well, pro-Trump MAGA warrior Mo Brooks took this little pipsqueak RINO to the task, called him out, and let the world know what a smug, progressive jerk he is.

Here’s what Mo said: “[email protected] says fight for honest & accurate elections is a “scam” with no Constitutional basis. Const. Art. I, Section 4 and 3 U.S.C. 15 differ. AK says many citizens will be disappointed. YEP – BECAUSE SO MANY POLITICIANS SURRENDER TO VOTER FRAUD!”

You tell him, Mo!

If there is one Republican politician who needs to be primaried, it’s this guy.

The entire force of MAGA needs to come together and end this sleazeball’s political career.


I know we have a lot of loser RINO’s out there, including Mitt Romney, Pat Toomey, Ben Sasse, and others, but please, do everyone a favor and place this little turd at the very top of the “Needs To Go” list.


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