The Democratic agenda is to turn America into the next Venezuela.

Socialism assumes that government officials are more qualified than individuals to decide how much a person should earn, which products and services are necessary for that person to live and how much they should have to pay for them. The government makes all of these decisions and more, but only after taking a huge piece of the pie for itself, leaving the remainder to ration among the majority who don’t have political connections.


Socialism deprives individual choice and crushes ambition to pursue a uniform, unfulfilling, and arbitrary definition of “equality.” And it does all of this in the name of “the greater good.”

But as we can see, absent individuals’ motivation and the productivity necessary to sustain it, that standard of equality deteriorates until there are no resources left to redistribute.

I do not want America to become the next Venezuela.

As for our mainstream media, they are not the working class, and you know that they have never been the working class’s friend. The rich buy ads on the media, not the working class. Many on the left refuse to admit President Trump’s populist policies have provided massive benefits to working-class Americans. Matthew Yglesias argued at Vox that Trump’s refusal to endorse a federal $15 per hour minimum wage proves Trump has abandoned populist ideals. Progressives claim the Trump economy helps billionaires, not workers, and snidely dismiss his outreach to minorities. Yet, during the first three years of the Trump presidency, wage growth was off the charts, especially for low-income and African Americans. The third-quarter economic data released Thursday confirm once again that Trump is on the job for U.S. workers.

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A win in Georgia will protect the country from Biden and the DNC and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Their agenda is even worse than Biden’s. They would turn this country upside down, with the possibility of seriously restricting our first amendment and the second amendment, then take control of the Judicial Branch if they had the chance.


As for the pending court cases for the president, three things need to result from the litigation that will run months after Biden is illegitimately installed. 1) The court needs to rule that no state is permitted to mass mail unsolicited ballots and that all absentee ballots follow strict identification protocols. 2) Opposing party observers must be granted unlimited access and freedom to examine any ballots. 3) The companies that made and sold Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software must be thoroughly investigated. If these three things had been in place before this election, Trump wins in a landslide. Our hope at this point is to restore integrity to our elections.

This is the last line of defense against socialism and communism. My friend’s family emigrated from Cuba to escape the wrath of communism. In the US, his family prospered thanks to the freedom and liberties of this great nation. It simply just breaks my heart to watch the new generation embrace socialist values and ideas, the same values that destroyed his homeland. We as Americans need to stand up against the democratic party – The Party of SOCIALISM AND REPRESSION.

Trump may have only been President for four years, but his Administration’s experience will be felt from now on forward. People have been awakened to the far Left leanings of the press and most internet “news” sites. People have been awakened to the Left’s demands for defunding the police and becoming sycophants for the BLM crime sprees.


People have become aware of the Left’s attempts to whitewash, pave over, and erase history. Make no mistake. The U.S. under Biden’s Presidency or anyone else’s will never be like any Presidency before Trump’s. Too many things that were before “unseen” have been “seen.”

It’s true. Without the Senate or the Supreme Court, the Democrats really can’t do a whole lot. It would be quite easy to hold them at arm’s length until the mid-terms two years from now. All it would take then is a majority House win, and Biden and his Camel would spend the last two years of their only term with their thumbs up their butts. One thing is for sure, the people’s eyes have been opened.



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