That’s right.

The man that he media’s claims in behind in the polls just had not one but TWO massive parades.


The first one is in Long Island, New York, where a whopping ten thousand cars showed up to celebrate our president.

Check it out:

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Insane right?

Well if that wasn’t impressive enough, Beverly Hills also had a pro-Trump parade that seemed to never stop.

The Trump 2020 momentum has reached a whole new level folks!

On top of that the early voting numbers in these key states are signaling an absolute wipeout for Trump on November 3rd.

From The Hill

In Iowa, Democrats have cast 336,780 early votes and Republicans cast 199,586, a 63 percent to 37 percent edge, which is well short of the 70 percent they need to hit. Advantage goes to Republicans in Iowa.

In Florida, much has been made of Democrats flipping the early voting edge this year by outvoting Republicans 1,926,055 to 1,463,281 so far. However, that 57 percent of the partisan share is well short of the 70 percent they need to beat expected Republican turnout. Democrats’ early voting across the state is actually falling well short of what they would need to win if they lose Election Day 31 percent to 69 percent. Again, the advantage goes to Republicans in Florida.

Nevada might be the most telling state, though hardest to calculate. So far, Democrats outvoted Republicans 170,689 to 122,735 for a 58 percent to 42 percent edge. At first glance, that would be well short of the 70 percent they need in other states. However, in Nevada they only need a 59 percent to 41 percent edge in early voting since only about 1 in 5 voters will wait until Election Day. Ballots were mailed to all voters, and even in 2016 more than 60 percent voted by mail in the state. Advantage Republicans in Nevada.

The Trump train is rolling!

Biden and his crew are about to get rolled over in just a few days!

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