NJ Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan just sent out a tweet that has set social media ablaze.


As the legal experts on Trump’s team ramp up their appearances on TV, discussing the latest moves they plan to make, many are sensing that a big legal hammer is about to drop soon.

Ms. Flanagan gave relevance to those claims with her tweet, which suggests that President Trump was just called into an “emergency” White House meeting with his legal team.

Here’s what she said: “BREAKING—Pres Trump has been called to an emergency meeting at the White House with his legal team. Massive legal filing imminent.”

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This coincides with a lot of chatter we’ve been hearing about “irrefutable” evidence that proves fraud in the 2020 election from members of Trump’s legal team.

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As a matter of fact, Rudy Giuliani went so far as to say that the election will be overturned and that he has evidence that he can’t share right now.


General Flynn’s attorney and a member of Trump’s legal team Sidney Powell also made some very bold – and disturbing – comments about Dominion Voting Systems, our CIA, and foreign money. She backed up her claims by saying she doesn’t even say anything she can’t prove.

That’s powerful stuff.

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This is not the quickest or most transparent process, but I think that’s understandable and expected.

We don’t want this battle to be fought in the hostile and partisan media. We want this fought in a court of law, where evidence can be laid out and judged using the law and Constitution as the guidelines.

Many people right now are praying for lies and sinister motives to be revealed and brought into the light, because we all know that some crooked and useless Alzheimer’s patient did not receive the most votes in American election history. That’s insanity. There’s definitely something very funky going on, and we have to believe that Trump’s team has a pretty darn good idea what it sis.

We will update you if and when we hear more on this report.

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