It’s pretty clear at this point that a majority of conservatives loath Justice Roberts.

He honestly shouldn’t even fall into the “republican” category anymore.


Roberts has sided with the left time and time again, his most ridiculous one being on the individual mandate for Obamacare.

But his latest ruling on religious groups challenge in New York has even the other conservative justices ripping him a new one, most notably Gorsuch, who absolutely laid into him.

Check it out:


Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote his own concurrence — joined by no other justice — to explain his vote.

He said that other businesses such as bicycle repair shops, did not have similar restrictions.

“So, at least according to the Governor, it may be unsafe to go to church, but it is always fine to pick up another bottle of wine” or “shop for a new bike,” Gorsuch wrote.

He was critical of the reasoning of a decision penned by Roberts in May rejecting a request from a church in California to block limitations on the number of people who could attend religious services during the pandemic.

Gorsuch said the court precedent Roberts cited in that decision “hardly supports cutting the Constitution loose during a pandemic.”

For his part, Roberts said he was in dissent because while “it may well be that such restrictions violate the Free Exercise Clause,” Cuomo had revised the restrictions after the religious organizations had filed their challenge.

“It is a significant matter to override determinations made by public health officials concerning what is necessary for public safety in the midst of a deadly pandemic,” Roberts wrote, and said that the houses of worship could have returned to court if Cuomo had reversed himself.

But Roberts — who often works to keep the court out of the political fray and divisive atmosphere that has dominated the other branches of government — had stern words for Gorsuch’s criticism of the dissenters’ reasoning.

“They simply view the matter differently after careful study and analysis reflecting their best efforts to fulfill their responsibility under the Constitution,” he said.

He also pointedly defended his own reasoning in the case from May

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It’s pretty baffling why Justice Roberts is the Chief Justice, and one conservative on Twitter has the perfect solution.


Obviously Justice Thomas is more tenured than Roberts and considering it’s a conservative majority, it just makes more sense.

Let’s get this going!

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