Today’s hearing in PA was a slamdunk for President Trump and the American people who are seeking justice and transparency in the 2020 election.


Whistleblowers, election workers, and data analyst testified today before state legislatures about what they saw and the “irregularities” they discovered.

It was compelling testimony, and even many critics of President Trump’s chances to prove fraud have had a change of heart.

Here’s what independent journalist Mike Cernovich said after he watched the hearing.

“After today’s Pennsylvania hearing, no person of good faith can claim this was a fair and free election.”

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He’s right…and speaking of journalism, you know the media keeps saying “show the evidence,” right?

Well, I’d like to show you how many “reporters” showed up at the hearing:

We know one of those people filming is RSBN, the other is probably OANN.

Pathetic, right?

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But regardless of whether the media was there or not, the truth was spoken and it was powerful and heartwrenching to hear.

One GOP poll watcher and a data analyst was particularly powerful. He was able to share his own observations and also get into the numbers aspect.

But it’s what he said about the “chain of custody” that was the most compelling…he explained how no rules set forth by the election commission were followed, and also said that he submitted photos of people walking around with “baggies” filled with USB cards.

You can watch the video below:

It’s fair to note that right now there are some 47 missing USB cards. Nobody seems to know where there are.

Could they be in those baggies?


Today was a very good day for justice, but we still have a long road to go.

Keep fighting and keep praying –  pray for these officials and judges to have open eyes and open hearts to hear and receive this truth from these whistleblowers and experts so they can make the right decisions for the country.


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