Conservative podcaster Matt Couch caused a stir recently when he asked Tucker Carlson one very tough but perfect question.


As you may know by now, Tucker Carlson also caused a stir during his Thursday night show when he angered many Trump supporters by calling out attorney Sidney Powell for not “providing evidence” of her claims of fraud surrounding the 2020 election.

Carlson, who is known for working in “facts,” said that he reached out to Sidney, asking for evidence, but was shunned.

Here’s that video:

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Many people were offended and angered by what Tucker did since there’s so much “evidence” everywhere of at least very “questionable” shenanigans and seemingly inexplicable numbers – and he’s a newsman, and perhaps he should be looking into it more deeply on his own – after all, that’s what he tells CNN and others to do, right?


They’re also angry because, during the Trump legal team presser, the attorneys made it very clear that they were there to simply lay out their case for the American people, but added that it would be battled in court. They said the case would not be argued in the media.

Podcaster Matt Couch is one of the people who were bothered by Tucker’s segment, and he came up with a darn good question for Tucker, that I figured you’d be interested to see.

Here’s what he said: “Quick Question for Tucker Carlson.. Have you invited Dominion Executives on your show yet? What did they say… I’ll Wait…”

He makes a good point. It would have been very helpful if Tucker and his crack team of reporters at least looked into Dominion, even if they couldn’t get anyone from the company to appear on air.

But as Matt said, did they even ask someone from Dominion to come on the show?

Perhaps not – after all, would Fox News, who has made their final “left turn,” might not even allow it.

Either way, one thing I will say about this situation with Tucker is this:

Tucker slammed Sidney Powell for not coming on his show and providing evidence to back up her claims regarding the Dominion machine algorithm. However, when you file a lawsuit evidence should be presented in court first.

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Especially in this situation, with such a hostile and angry media – even Fox News.

But before you go to court, it’s not at all unreasonable to share your accusations and lay out your case in “theory” that happens all the time, and Tucker knows this, which is what makes what he did by “demanding evidence” come off as ‘questionable” to many.

Keeping in mind that Tucker is fully aware of how courts and evidence work, what he did can easily be construed as a “passive-aggressive” attack.

If Tucker really wants to help the American people and respect his viewer base, he should stop focusing on Sidney, and turn his sights on Dominion. I am sure with his vast array of connections and tools, he could crack this case wide open.


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