Things are definitely looking suspicious in Nevada.

Just on the surface, it appears that they’re avoiding any kind of investigation into their part in the 2020 election.


According to Victor Joecks, columnist for the Review Journal, Clark Country Registrar Joe Gloria has been avoiding receiving Trump’s latest subpoena like the plague.

The county building where Gloria works has reportedly been locked and Gloria has been hiding in his house all weekend.

Check it out:

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It definitely appears suspicious right?

If the subpoena posed no threat, then why not welcome it in?

It’s not clear what the subpoena is for, but surely it’s related to the election.

Users on Twitter were also quite suspicious of the circumstances:

I don’t know about anyone else  but something tells me Nevada is about to put on a show! I bet the whole Nation is about to enjoy  a Vegas-worthy super-spectacle  of fraud direct from #SisolaksCesspool on 12/3.

We need to pressure Joe Gloria to be transparent, he owes it to the voters of Clark County for this current and future elections.

They know it’s karma knocking on their door. I can’t wait to see who throw who under the bus.

Their scattering like cockroaches because the light has been shed on them

Here’s a throwback to the moment where an enraged protester disrupted Gloria’s pathetic press conference on the election.


This guy clearly has no spine or leg to stand on.

We need to keep putting pressure on him and Nevada, and at some point, they’re going to give.

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