Anyone who actually believes that 77 million people vote for a man with Alzheimer’s and who is a puppet for China needs their head examined.

It’s just not real, and nobody will ever convince me of that. Period and end of story.


Dementia Joe’s entire campaign was a total joke and looked like a bad SNL skit – the man could barely get 100 people at his “rallies” – and now we’ve got piles and piles of fraud claims (yes, there’s evidence by way of hundreds and hundreds of signed affidavits and there are also slews of “funny business” everywhere).

But regardless of this, the media is doing what they’ve been doing since day one…covering for Biden and desperately trying to drag this dusty old doofus over the finish line.

Meanwhile, D’s got shellacked in the House and failed to take back the Senate (thus far) even though they spent over $200 million to do so.

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The media coup is being led by Fox News. They are the worst enemy we’ve come against because they played the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” bit for so long and fooled so many of us. But their true colors have been revealed and it’s time to take a stand and bring down the Paul Ryan News Network once and for all.

If you want to show Fox News who’s boss here’s what you can do:

  1. Don’t watch anything, not even “friendly” shows on Fox News. Turn them off.
  2. If you want to watch Tucker or others, watch him on Youtube or social media (not Fox’s Youtube channel).
  3. Do not click on ANY Fox News or New York Post article at all (NYP is owned by Murdoch’s and they’ve also turned on Trump)
  4. Cancel all subscriptions you may have to any Fox News app or program they offer.
  5. Block Fox News on social media do not retweet them or promote them.

If you’re looking for broadcast alternatives, go with OANN or Newsmax.

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If we follow these five steps, we will send a very clear and very powerful message to these traitors and to Paul Ryan, that they can’t use us for our ratings and loyalty, and then sail us down the river later.

And let’s face it, Americans hate the Dems – if not, they would have built on their majority in the House and taken over the senate with ease. That’s the reality. But this “mail-in” ballot sham has given them the edge, and now we need to fight through this chaos and cheating to try and get to the truth.

Will we win? I believe we will, as long as the Deep State doesn’t get to any judges, but it’ll be a tough, tough battle and we need to be prepared for the fight of our lives.

And most conservatives are suite up and ready…

Actor and conservative powerhouse James Woods summed up this entire mess best in this one brilliant tweet that perfectly describes what the left is doing: putting whipped cream on sh*t.

That’s exactly right and very accurate.

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Here’s what he said: “The Left can put whipped cream on shit all they want, but 70,000,000 Americans are outraged about this befouled election. We don’t accept this fraudulent result, and none of us is inclined to bury the hatchet with a mob that lied, cheated, burned, and looted to get their way.”

President Trump is currently fighting his butt off.

And we need to rise up and fight with him.

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This election will go to the courts and if all judges are fair, and not “bought off” or “blackmailed” we will win.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.


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