This video really nails it on the head.

OANN’s Jack Posobiec brilliantly captures how so many conservatives are feeling right now.


Posobiec argues that the media is “gaslighting” the claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election, where they’re claiming that anyone who dares to question the integrity of this election as “crazy.”

He then goes on to warn the GOP that conservatives are ready to leave the party as many feel abandoned by Republican leaders and are frustrated with their inability to stand up for what’s right.


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Very well said!

Watch the video:

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This video received hoards of positive comments, with many agreeing that the Republican Party is close to falling apart.

Primary the cowardly RINOs.

More accurate than the cognoscenti realize. My disdain for GOP dwarves what I have for Dems (which is sizeable)

The New Party! The MAGA Party so tired of so called Republicans who jet when times get tuff

The GOP is actually a globalist party – the same as the Democrats. Most of them loathe Trump – & want to get rid of it. This is the same in most Western countries – where you have all mainstream parties actually being just one (globalist) party in reality.

Absolute right. I’m sick if the GOP not fighting for us. I’m sick of them fighting each other. I will never vote GOP in a national election again if they do not stand up for our President. The party would be dead if wasn’t for him. Look what McCain and Romney got us. Losing.

Trump could form a new party, leave the RINOs and [d]s to stop hiding their alliance.

It would be messy. It would be epic.

The Republicans will most definitely fall if they continue on this path.

It’s time they pulled up their big boy pants and start remembering that they serve the people, not their own egos.

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