Honest question: How much data and sworn affidavits do we need to provide before someone will take this 2020 election fraud claim seriously?

This is what annoys the hell out of me…we spent months hearing from the Dems and media about how majorly important an “anonymous whistleblower” with second0hand knowledge was…important enough to literally impeach the President of the United States, but stacks and stacks of sworn affidavits, videos, and piles of research on “irregularities and glitches” don’t even move the needle for anyone.

Our CIA-run media is a nightmare.

MORE NEWS: WATCH: GA Poll Manager Not Only Submitted Sworn Affidavit on Election Improprieties, She Put Her Name/Face On Video Too 

But,  we can’t give up. We have a limited amount of time to push out as much truth as possible and every second matters.

And this latest dump might really help….namely because it’s from an “independent” research group.

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OANN’s Jack Posobiec reported that the White House says an independent research group will be dropping a report that shows irregularities in PA, and other states.


There are PILES and PILES of “evidence” and testimony and irregularities — a heck of a lot more than what was offered up during that clown-show impeachment.

We’re fighting for justice and truth in our elections, and the media is ignoring it, mocking it, or just being “meh” about it.

This is where the media still has a lot of power and it’s very dangerous. The mainstream media is still a force to be reckoned with and needs to be tossed in the ash heap of history — starting with Fox News because they wield a helluva lot more power than CNN or MSNBC and are far more dangerous because they’re still somewhat “controlled opposition.”

If you want to show Fox News who’s boss here’s what you can do:


Don’t watch anything, not even “friendly” shows on Fox News. Turn them off.
If you want to watch your favorite shows, watch them on Youtube or social media (not Fox’s Youtube channel).
Do not click on ANY Fox News or New York Post article at all.
Cancel all subscriptions you may have to any Fox News app or program they offer.
Block Fox News on social media do not retweet them or promote them.
If you’re looking for broadcast alternatives, go with OANN or Newsmax.

If we follow these five steps, we will send a very clear and very powerful message to these traitors and to Paul Ryan, that they can’t use us for our ratings and loyalty, and then sail us down the river later.

At this point, there’s no excuse to be supporting and paying the enemy to literally destroy everything we’ve worked for. It’s insane. Cut Fox News out of your life.


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