These audits coming out of Georgia are an absolute joke.

There’s absolutely zero effort in the state to actually uncover true fraud.


The counters are simply running the same ballot through the same machine as they did the first time, meaning there’s no checking for signature irregularities and the hand count also failed to show if there were any irregularities with the Dominion systems.

From NTD News

The recount Georgia’s doing now is simply a rescanning of the ballots. So that means that if there are any illegal ballots in the count, or anything wrong with the Dominion Voting System, it won’t be detected.

Any problems with the machines should have been detected during the state’s first by-hand audit, however the directions given to elections boards made it impossible to detect any potential irregularities.

Garland Favorito, Co-Founder, Voter GA:  “That was another problem that not only did the secretary of state collect their numbers he then ordered the counties to certify their existing electronic totals if their hand count was within 5 tenths of a percentage difference.”

Since many counties were still submitting their results from the Dominion Voting machines, he said the first by-hand audit didn’t uncover the problems that it was meant to find.

Favorito:  “There’s 159 counties in the state of Georgia so if you have, I think the margin now is 10,000, it would be less than 100 votes per county that would change the outcome of the election maybe 70, 80 votes.

The 100 page Georgia lawsuit released this week, alleges that the “massive fraud begins with the election software and hardware from Dominion Voting Systems Corporation.”

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This so-called “audit” is an even bigger sham then the election results themselves.

And conservatives have had enough.

Today many Trump supporters protested outside of the home of Georgia’s Secretary of State, demanding that they performs a full signature audit.

Watch the video:


Good for them!

We need amazing patriots like this spreading awareness on these fraudulent audits and also call out the politicians in their state.

Keep up the good work folks!

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