As you likely know by now, Tucker Carlson dug himself a petty deep hole when he decided to take on Tump’s attorney Sidney Powell for not sharing her ‘”evidence” pertaining to “voter fraud” in the 2020 election.


Many people are angry at Tucker for calling out Sidney that way, especially after Trump’s legal team made it clear during their recent presser that they would not be trying this case in the media. They laid out their case for the American people but stopped short of sharing “evidence,” saying they would do that either at a later date or in court.

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Tucker understands how this works, and what’s at stake, but yet, he still called out Sidney for not sharing evidence, and many people feel as if this was a passive-aggressive jab at President Trump.

Tucker reacted to the firestorm last night on his show. He’s received a lot of backlash – especially in light of how people feel about Fox News in general. And to be fair, Tucker did do some backtracking, but it was not nearly enough for many people, including General Flynn.


General Flynn came to the defense of his attorney and called out Tucker, who has a team of people and endless resources to help investigate this matter and get even more clarity and understanding. But he’s not doing that right now, and General Flynn wants to know why.

Conservative Podcaster Matt Couch Just Asked Tucker Carlson One Very Tough But Perfect Question

Here’s what he said: “Come on @TuckerCarlson you’re still not being genuine. @SidneyPowell1 is slaying dragons with her small team and you sit on high and pontificate. Go do some street journalism and ask the tough questions yourself. Why the hell not!? Joshua 1:9”

I understand that Tucker is a “fact-based” guy. He likes his facts and he demands them from everyone, and we appreciate and expect that from him.

However, this is a very unique situation. The media, led by Fox News, has been very, very hostile to President Trump and his team during this very important process, so there is no indication that if “evidence” were shared that it would be given a fair shake – on the contrary, I think it’s a safe bet that it would be used to drag President Trump through the mud. Why would we assume otherwise?


This really should play out in court, it’s too important a topic to use for ratings and clicks.

But at the same time, it’s reasonable for Trump’s legal team to “outline” their case for the American people who have a right to know what direction they’re heading in. Also, they’ve been very good about sharing whistleblower affidavits – and as we all know, an anonymous “whistleblower” who wasn’t even a “first party” witness to anything kicked off an entire impeachment of a United State President.  So that “evidence” should matter a lot, right?


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