A woman who self-identified as Susan Knox started filming a video of a shredding truck in Georgia, at Jim Miller Park, where ballots were being counted during the audit.

There was a lot of chatter on social media today of people claiming that “bins of ballots” were being shredded.


Check it out:

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Election officials responded to the rumors with this statement:

The following is being distributed on behalf of the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration.

There has been significant social media chatter about some document shredding at the Jim R. Miller Park Event Center in Marietta, Georgia where our Elections Department had previously conducted the state-ordered re-tally of votes in the November 3rd election.

The shredding company routinely responds to the Elections Department following an election to help remove non-relevant materials that cannot be easily disposed of.  The company did work at the Jim R. Miller Event Center early on Friday, November 20th, and helped dispose of the following items:

  • Cobb County distributed the following statement about election document shredding at Jim Miller Park, which has been the subject of social media chatter:The following is being distributed on behalf of the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration.Mailing labels (with voter info) that are incorrect or if we’ve printed too many
  • Copies of apps printed from OnBase if we are looking for something (the originals are filed in evidence)
  • Copies of outdated or changed procedures, policies, forms, notes, or form letters
  • Regular and third-party envelopes with voter info on them
  • Reports when we are finished doing ‘check off the list’ steps
  • Sticky notes and phone messages with voter phone #s or email addresses
  • White privacy envelopes after the election is certified.
  • Printouts of old emails when we have a more current response in the chain
  • Duplicates of faxed applications (when voters fax multiples copies of the same app all at the same time)
  • There were a tub or two of applications we had copied for the December election and labels that we put in the shredder when the elections were combined and moved to January 5th

“None of these items are relevant to the election or the re-tally,” said Elections Director Janine Eveler.  “Everything of consequence, including the ballots, absentee ballot applications with signatures, and anything else used in the count or re-tally remains on file.  After an out-of-context video was shared on social media we contacted state officials to reassure them this was a routine clean-up operation and they could inspect our stored materials if they wish.”

Elections workers remain at the Jim R. Miller Event Center to help prepare for the January 5th runoff.

But that didn’t stop two women from getting in their cars and following the shredding truck.

During the video, Ms. Knox also said she tried to report this to the police.

President Trump’s attorney Lin Wood shared the video.

You can watch the video below:

My guess would be, if they really were up to something sinister, they probably wouldn’t do it in broad daylight.

But I think a lot of people feel very out of control and like they’re being lied to and that’s why stories like this go viral.

If this process had been more transparent and open from the get-go, and if the media and Dems had “welcomed” recounts and called for detailed audits and talked about it and reported on it I don’t think we’d be in such a divided mess right now.


But sadly, that’s not the been the case – so good or bad, right or wrong, fake or real, there’s a LARGE majority of the population who will always believe these types of stories and no amount of official statements will change their minds because their trust in our system has been destroyed…and really, that’s the saddest part of all, isn’t it?

Americans want to believe in their processes and institutions and when that rug feels like it’s been yanked out from under them, rumors and fear will spread like wildfire.



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