Team Trump has an air of confidence about them that has to be diving Democrats absolutely batty right now.

We’ve got Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking about Trump’s “second term” and most US Senators (besides that traitor bum Mitt Romney) refusing to congratulate the phony “President-Elect” Biden.


In addition, President Trump has been very bold on Twitter, just look at the two videos he shared today:

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There’s a lot of “fraud” info and evidence flowing all over the internet. There are many people signing affidavits swearing that they’ve seen and been a part of some very questionable things and also admitting that they’ve witnessed downright fraud.

Even so, the fake news media, led by the turncoats at Fox News, have ignored all of it.

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The media is still providing cover for Biden in order to drag him – like a limp, old rag doll – across the finish line.

But that hasn’t stopped Team Trump from working tirelessly to make sure our US elections are fair and transparent.

And Eric Trump’s latest tweet should scare the hell out of Dems, because as Eric says, “this is just the beginning.”

Eric made the comment on a tweet about whistleblowers from the voting software company “Dominion” coming forward and sharing information.

What we’re dealing with now is a CIA-style psyop, and they – the media – led by Fox – Dems, election officials, and even parts of the GOP will work overtime to convince you that everything is lost and Biden is the true victor.

I am here to tell you that it’s not lost, and Biden did not win.

Tune that out, and keep fighting.

What can you do to fight?

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Share information, crush their narrative, call out the steal, and keep fighting.

Fight for Trump, your country, and your family by letting your voice be heard.

It will get darker before the dawn. Hold the line and I believe in the end, we will win.

The righteous always prevail.


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