Pennsylvania’s anti-Trump attorney general is on quite a tear.


He’s repeatedly attacked Trump’s legal team for their efforts in investigating voter fraud in the state, and he also curiously predicted that Trump wouldn’t win Pennsylvania before the votes in the state were even done being counted.

Check it out:

From Fox News

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, found himself in hot water on social media after claiming that President Trump has lost the ability to win the battleground state, just over 24 hours before the polls close on Election Day.

“If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter. “That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process.”

“For the record, he’s 0-6 against us in court,” the attorney general added. “We’ve protected voting rights. Now, ignore the noise—vote!”

Polling figures coming out of Pennsylvania, a battleground state with 20 electoral votes, are showing Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a narrow 2.9 percent lead over Trump — but the polling is well within the four point margin of error.

Trump won Pennsylvania by a slim margin of .7 percent in 2016, despite the polls having showed Hillary Clinton with a larger lead than Biden one day before the general election.

FiveThirtyEight showed Clinton with a 3.8 percent advantage over Trump in the Keystone State the day before the last presidential election.

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He’s quite a peach huh?

Well if that wasn’t enough, Shapiro is also sending his special agents out to election whistleblowers homes.

Watch the video:


Quite disturbing…

Someone seriously needs to check this guys ego and let him know he’s not some supreme ruler who can interrogate innocent Americans.

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