Dr. Anthony Fauci’s own family appears to be turning on him, as even they’ve had enough of his inconsistent messaging about coronavirus and his flip-flopping on lockdowns.

Fauci’s cousin, who is also named Anthony and owns a restaurant in New York, said that his family believes that the COVID-19 lockdowns are backfiring on America.

“They shouldn’t do the lockdowns,” the owner of La Fontana in Staten Island told The New York Post. “Especially now. If you don’t abide by the rules … shut that area down, but don’t shut down the whole industry.”


His son Joe agreed with him.

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“In the beginning, I thought [Dr. Fauci] was fabulous, but then a few times he flip-flopped on different things,” Joe explained. “He had us all locked down at a tremendous rate. They should have loosened things up when it was slowing down in the summer. Everything else was loosening up except the restaurant business.”

Dr. Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has spent months pushing for lockdowns and even recently called on Americans to cancel Thanksgiving celebrations because of coronavirus.

“You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering unless you’re pretty certain that the people that you’re dealing with are not infected,” Fauci said last month.

“That is, unfortunately, a risk, when you have people coming from out of town, gathering together in an indoor setting,” he added. “It is unfortunate because that’s such a sacred part of American tradition — the family gathering around Thanksgiving. But that is a risk.”

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Joe, who voted early for President Donald Trump, is not having any of this. He said that he’s also unhappy with the leadership that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have shown throughout this pandemic.

“The nursing home debacle destroyed us. I can’t understand why they can’t admit when they were wrong,” he said, referring to Cuomo’s infamous executive order that forced nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients.

He went on to cite the handling of the Black Lives Matter protests as a double standard when it comes to the coronavirus.

“I don’t understand how De Blasio can let them riot and protest, 5,000 people with no masks on, but we can’t go to church with 10 people,” Joe said.

His father agreed with him.

“I don’t want to tell you what I think about [de Blasio],” said Dr. Fauci’s cousin. “You won’t be able to print it. Him and that other jabroni, Cuomo.”


This piece was written by James Samson on November 2, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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