Democrats knew they had no chance to win the 2020 Presidential Election if they didn’t cheat massively.

Before the election, they made many changes that helped secure their illegitimate win — by changing the rules (illegally in some instances); by sending duplicate mail-in ballots – as many as five ballots per person; by buying and coercing votes from those ballots, sometimes stealing them; by throwing out Trump ballots and running Biden ballots multiple times at the precinct; by programming the precinct computers to switch or not count Trump votes; by programming national computers to switch votes in the overseas servers.


It was literally fraud on top of fraud on top of fraud—every layer multiplying the meager vote totals for former VP Joe Biden, striving to catch up.

How many of you felt something went awry when they stopped counting Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia on election night? Who does that?

But they forgot something that Trump’s lawyers have pointed out: every single instance of voter fraud is a federal felony.  As in most racketeering cases – the little guys will be brought in and pressured to give up the big guys – and eventually, the big guys will go down.

The Dems and the overlords went all-in on this election.  Their mistake was to bring in the overnight votes. If they had just let Trump rightfully win, their crimes would not be exposed.  With Trump being still the president, he has the power to come after them.

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When you are overexposed, it’s usually best to cut and run, rather than stand and fight – I think they will soon figure out it’s time to give Trump his due and live to fight another day.  But who knows?


The legitimacy of the process was already destroyed when states started using unsolicited mail-in ballots. Everything else we’ve witnessed with fraud in the count was just the Dems turning the dial up to 11, which they needed to do because they underestimated the Trump vote count.

My guess is this is the week it all comes out.

The fraudsters have all come out in the sunshine in both parties to include Fox News.  Highest levels of democrat party involvement and coordination with big tech. NSA data collection works both ways, and these folks are too dumb to put their cell phones away.

They all get destroyed. The SCOTUS declares elections in these states are null and void. New election, in person with ID, with thousands of observers. Paper ballots only. Guess who wins by a landslide. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t proposed this yet.

The only reason Biden was able to have a viable campaign after spending most of it hiding away is because of the news media. They did all of the heavy liftings for him. A non-establishment candidate, having behaved like him, would have been skewered every single night on every single show.


They refused to cover the laptop revelations; they refused to ask him any tough questions whatsoever, they viciously attacked his opponent day in day out. Their social media operatives censored his opponent’s supporters and censored negative stories while elevating anything that could help him.

Politics is a dirty game, but they’ve gone above and beyond this time. Even if there was no election fraud whatsoever (doubtful), this election wasn’t fair because a cartel of powerful entities heavily manipulated the electorate. The republic can’t survive in an environment of total censorship and deception.

There is no doubt in my mind Trump wins that re-vote handily and once and for all shows the voter fraud that has been going on: a final cleansing and a chance for real reform.  But we know our Deep State absolutely could not allow that.

I would rather give up what I have and fight a civil war than allow these liberal pieces of crap to win by stealing the election. Evil has gotten out of hand, and it’s time to take out the garbage.


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