I have said all along that the GOP hates Trump, but they tolerated him and put on a phony “smile” because of how popular he was. They didn’t have a choice.

Look what happened to the GOPers who openly opposed him…Does anyone remember Jeff Flake? No. And Mitt Romney’s career and reputation are in the toilet – where they belong.


But it’s the people who put on the fake smile and pretended to like Trump that we have to worry about…someone like Mitch McConnell, or Kevin McCarthy, and possibly others – maybe even Bill Barr – these are the people who may have cut a deal with Dems to help usher in a “President Biden.”

And speaking of Barr, why didn’t he release the Durham info? At one point he vowed he would do that before the election…But then he never did and he went stone-cold quiet.

You’ll also notice, many, many GOP have been oddly quiet about the fraud. And if they do discuss, it’s a very generic and pablum response or statement.

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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No passion or “fight” for President Trump.

Really makes you think now, doesn’t it?

So, why would R’s do this?

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Because life would be so much easier for them without Trump. They could go back to just giving their 10-second soundbites, and pretending to be outraged over things like “Obamacare” when in reality, they really support it.

Trump held them accountable and he called them out.

They could also get their profitable wars back…something I am sure they all miss.

So, when conservative podcaster and Trump supporter Dan Bongino shared this disturbing tweet, there was really only one way to interpret it, if you ask me.

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People we thought were “friends” have turned on President Trump and participated in this coup and the stealing of a US election from the American people.

See for yourself:

Here’s what Dan said: “Dan Bonngino Just Tweeted Out a Cryptic Message That Sounds Like GOP “Friends” Are Working Against Trump Behind the Scenes ”

What do you think about what Dan said?

I think this coup is a lot bigger and more well-planned out than we ever thought possible.

President Trump was not just a threat to Dems, he was a threat to the entire political establishment, and let’s face it, the swamp is a CLUB.

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But we will keep fighting because we know that President Trump won in a landslide, and he will have his day in court.

Until then, Joe Biden is nobody’s “President-Elect.” Period.


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