What the heck are they doing over at Fox News?

They went from a slow and steady flow in liberalism, to where now they’ve become even worse than CNN!


And it all started after Biden’s so-called “win.”

Speaking of which, Brian Kilmeade is now demanding that Trump start “coordinating” with Biden for the better of our country.

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Good lord…

Watch the video:

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What a tool.

Of course, Kilmeade has had quite the history of being an insufferable d-bag, which Twitter users were quick to point out.

in case an “even brian kilmeade” takes off this isn’t so unusual for him. recall october 2019, when kilmeade was livid at trump for abandoning the syrian kurds — until trump attacked him on twitter, then brian started defending it lol

Brian Kilmeade in an hour: “We may never know who won this election.”

I’ll be shocked if in no more than 30 minutes he retracts this statement.

So at 6:31 this Wednesday morning he is concerned about National security.
Let’s wait how long he’ll maintain his (current) opinion

He’s just an absolute jackass.

Someone better throw him and the rest of the hosts at Fox a paddle, they’re gonna need it.

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