Well this certainly escalated quickly.


In Brazil, four men attempted to rob a convenience store when they were literally stopped dead in their tracks by an off-duty officer.

From Liveleak.com

Salvador, Brazil: Four men attempted to rob a convenience store at the moment a customer was paying for his goods. Forced to lay flat, one of the robbers attempts to check the man. A poor job at best and that cost him and his two idiot friends their lives as they exchange fire with the officer.

One man was dead at the scene and the other two died later at the hospital. The last is still at large.

Watch the video:

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It seems that Brazil is having quite a few instances like this, as a shop owner recently shot three robbers from a suspected gang.

From The Daily Mail

The botched robbery took place in the city of Sorocaba, 50 miles outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 7.

Police said a trio of robbers entered the clothing store around 11am and pretended to browse – even striking up a conversation with the owner, who has not been named.

CCTV shows how the owner calmly walked out from behind the counter, causing the thieves to back away, before pulling out his own handgun from his waistband.

As he goes to grab the weapon, one of the thieves opens fire, shattering a display case just over the man’s left shoulder.

The store owner then fires several bullets, which struck all three of the men as they were attempting to flee.

Footage shows the owner drop his aim and fire again, seemingly shooting the wounded robbers as they lay on the floor.

He then kicks the gun out of the attacker’s hand and picks it up, before firing several more rounds at a target on the floor.


Things sure are looking wild in Brazil huh?

Good thing that their citizens are able to arm themselves in order to thwart these crimes.

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