President Trump is in “beast-mode” right now.

He’s laser-focused on winning, and nothing will stand in his way.


He’s got that “eye of the tiger” thing going on, and if I were Biden (and the media) I’d be pretty nervous right about now.

And actually, a poor media shlub found that truth out the hard way today.

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Yes, we all know President Trump has been harsh with the media for years now, but today on the tarmac in Arizona, he went full “nuclear-fallout” on them.

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In today’s media bloodbath, President Trump not only called out Joe Biden as a “criminal” — he also told the media shlub asking him questions that he and the entire media were also criminals for not asking questions, investigating, and doing the job that they’re paid to do in regards to the Biden Crime syndicate.

That media jackal didn’t stand a chance against post-COVID beast-mode Trump!

You can watch the video below:

Get your popcorn ready folks, there are a lot more Biden Boys emails to come.

I’m guessing a new batch will be released either tomorrow or Wednesday, just before the debate.


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