The dueling presidential town halls happened last night.

Biden was on ABC, where he got the “kid-glove” treatment, and President Trump was on NBC, where a literally UNHINGED Savannah Guthrie acted like a crazed high school teen on a hormonal rollercoaster.


It looks like President Trump won the online ratings, and Biden won the TV ratings.

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Or did he?

With both combined, Trump easily won, but in the end, did he also win the TV ratings too?

According to a new report from Newsweek, the angry little communist TikTok teens were back at it, trying to “sabotage” Trump’s ratings.

The last time they tried this, they accidentally donated $16K to the GOP.

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This time to try and thwart Trump, they watched the Biden debate on numerous devices to try and artificially inflate Biden’s numbers.

From Newsweek

TikTok users banded together to try and boost Joe Biden’s town hall ratings over President Donald Trump’s event last night.

The presidential candidates were due to debate at the same event until Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis days after the first debate threw a spanner in the works. The Commission on Presidential Debates planned for the second debate to go ahead virtually, but Trump refused and said he would only debate in person.

Biden decided to go ahead with the scheduled a town hall-style event on ABC. But Trump then decided to host his own event on NBC at the same time, meaning that viewers would have to choose to watch one or the other.

However, TikTokers had a plan to prevent Trump from getting to brag about his numbers. YouTuber Hank Green made a TikTok (that has been viewed more than 4 million times at the time of writing) in which he suggested that Trump hosted his event at the same time as Biden’s so that he could brag about better ratings.

While Green mentions that ratings do not actually matter, as they have nothing to do with electoral votes, he says he came up with a way to stop Trump from “having this very small win.”

You can watch the video below:

I guess it’s kind of cute how the TikTok communist teens are trying to help Biden. It’s like watching teenagers try and take care of their feeble, senile old granddad.

On a serious note, it’s shocking how Biden can’t succeed or win at anything without artificial help.

His entire campaign is a facade and totally fake, and it will be revealed as such on election day.


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