The man who is hosting the second debate is Steve Scully, a former Biden intern and apparently, someone who asks Trump’s enemies for advice on the President.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Scully sent a tweet to pint-size Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci that read: “should I respond to trump”


Angry little Scaramucci responded back with this gem:

Most people assume Mr. Scully thought he was DMing (sending a private message) to Mr. Scaramucci but accidentally tweeted it out to the public instead, exposing himself and his crooked agenda.

Of course, Scully, who is trying desperately to save face, is now claiming he was “hacked.”

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Yes, just that ONE tweet, which Scaramucci responded to, was the only thing the “hacker” did, and then he or she slithered off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again.

Quite a technology heist, right? LOL

Here’s what Scully. said through the Commission on Presidental Debates spokesperson:

“CPD Co-Chair Frank Fahrenkopf tells @kilmeade on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” in regards to @SteveScully tweet to @Scaramucci:  “He was hacked, it didn’t happen.”


Give me a break…Nobody believes this nonsense:

“I want to comprehend this. Steve Scully wants you to believe he was hacked and the hacker’s big plan was to tweet a question to Anthony Scaramucci who responds to him as if they talk all the time. Yeah that’s believable.”

“Can’t believe Scaramucci engages with hackers.”

“Wow. He’s claiming he was hacked now apparently. Not in the slightest bit believable. If @SteveScully
was hacked he better report it to the FBI but remember Steve, filing a false report is a crime. Let’s see if he files a report with the FBI.”

[email protected], have you reported this “hack” to law enforcement?”

And remember, falsely reporting an incident is a crime.

“If he has no direct knowledge of anything that happened, how can he possibly claim Scully was hacked, as opposed to getting caught trying (and failing) to DM a rabid Trump hater for tips on how to go after Trump?”

This man should be immediately removed from the debates.

This just goes to prove how biased these debates are.

There is nothing our media and political class can do nowadays that isn’t a complete anti-Trump hit job.

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They’re trying to rig the election for Joe Biden, and you’re the ONLY force that can stop them.

Vote like your life, your country, and your freedom depend on it…because if Joe Biden gets into office, it’s over.


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