As many of you know, I am from Michigan.

I live in a very “pro-Trump” area of the state, but I have a lot of family and friends that live in the more “Democrat” areas, and even in those areas, they’re seeing and hearing a lot more support for Trump this time around than in 2016.


And that same enthusiasm and excitement are flowing for a pro-Trump Senate candidate by the name of John James.

James is running against an unpopular do-nothing Senator by the name of Gary Peters, and James has the left absolutely pooping their pants right now.

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The race is tied, and in some recent polls, James has even pulled ahead.

Earlier reports say Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was scrambling to “save” that Michigan seat, but it might already be way too late for that.

Biden recently came to Michigan and had one of his most disastrous days yet…and that’s saying a lot because he’s had some pretty awful days.

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But things were a mess in Michigan. This is where we discovered that Joe uses an “IMAX-size” teleprompter and still can’t read from it, he gets VERY  agitated at honking horns, and any type of questions about his scandalous son Hunter, and he also had a “Howard Dean” style breakdown and was yelling into the camera like a madman.

So, if that’s “saving” Michigan, I think the left is in some very big trouble.

And I think they know it, because Joe Biden got really, really desperate recently, and lashed out at John James, calling the successful husband, father, businessman and vet a  “disaster.”

Big mistake, Joe.

John James fired back at racist Joe and delivered one of the most devastating rebukes and takedowns you’ll ever hear.

Personally, I think this was the final nail in the Biden’s political coffin here in Michigan.

You can watch the video below:

Sadly, the only “disaster” we see around here is Joe’s son Hunter.

That poor man-child has been plagued by drug addiction most of his adult life, he’s used his father’s power and prestige to lines his pockets, and he’s treated women as objects for his amusement and pleasure.

That is the definition of a “disaster” and it would probably be better for Joe’s entire troubled family if he left the race and worked on getting himself and his wayward kid some much-needed help.


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