Joe Biden seriously needs to put down the Twitter and get a new campaign manager.

Who the heck thought putting out this video and tweet would be a good idea?


He just issued a tweet where he claims America is an “idea” that we need to basically apologize for and seems to suggest walking away from.

Absolutely horrific.

Watch the video:

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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How can this man lead a country that he seems to hate the very idea of?

I guess 47 years on the job have made him bitter.

Needless to say, the reactions on social media have been swift and vicious:

“Underneath that senile senior citizen guise lies a real creep.”

“I’ve been having to bite my tongue a lot lately. It’s getting harder and harder.”

“Or disrespect immigrants like me who love this nation, and my spouse who was disabled fighting in the Gulf War for this nation. He’s sick, sick, sick. And in more ways than one.”

“The Obama apology tour 2.0”

“Talk about tone deaf. Probably not the best time for Biden or his handlers to be tweeting. 🤷🏻‍♀️”

“President Trump must take him to task over this outrageous statement.”

These statements are absolutely egregious.

No government official, let alone someone like Biden, should be making comments like this.

It’s clear that he’s now catering to the far-left.

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