She just made the horrible mistake of assuming Kamala Harris’ win for her vice presidential seat in this cringeworthy tweet.

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Sounds familiar right?

Yeah it should, cause this is hauntingly similar to the tweet Hillary shared just before she lost the election in 2016.

She’s still ruthlessly mocked to this day over this tweet and Twitter users gave her the exact same response when she did the same to Kamala:

“Don’t do this again.”

“I dont know what kind of medication you’re on, but its not working.”

“Guess she didn’t learn her lesson the first time”

“lmao, whoever runs this account has a good sense of humor”

“Don’t jinx it 😓😰😰

“This tweet didn’t end well for you last time….”

“why did you do this again”

I mean how tone deaf does Hillary have to be to do something like this AGAIN?

She seriously never learns…

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