According to an interview Rudy Giuliani had with Newsmax, he has recently turned over disturbing evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop over to Delaware State police.


The evidence Giuliani has turned over reportedly had to do with under-aged girls, here’s what he had to say about it:

“We turned it over to the Delaware State Police…We’re very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected…This is supported by numerous pictures of underage girls.”

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Here’s the full interview Giuliani had with Newsmax where he discussed a whole slew of other disturbing material reportedly found on Hunter’s devices.

Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge stated that a law enforcement source has confirmed that the information obtained from Hunter’s devices are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Here’s also some more reporting on the alleged “under-age” photos found on Hunter’s laptop:

From Revolver

In the interview, Giuliani suggested that Joe’s behavior towards his son might go beyond enabling to abuse. “Joe Biden used his son for twenty years as a Bag Man and he knew he was a drug addict,” Rudy told NewsMax host Greg Kelly. He continued, “This kid has a crack problem because his father put him in situations he shouldn’t be in.”

Steve Bannon, who has examined the laptop, spoke to Revolver News about the very clear national security implications of this uncomfortable and explosive situation. Bannon told Revolver:  “This shocking development demands that the President call in FBI Director Wray immediately to explain how that agency suppressed the information on Bindens hard drive for almost a year. This is now a national security crisis driven by the craven behavior of the Bidens. A storm is gathering around Biden’s campaign and no gang of Silicon Valley social media oligarchs can shield them from their fate. If Wray cannot explain himself, he should be summarily fired in front of the Resolute Desk.”

The FBI’s behavior may suggest something even more nefarious is afoot. What if our own intelligence agencies want to sit on this laptop so as to compromise and control Joe Biden for their own purposes, just as Chinese or Russian intelligence might be seeking to do?

Biden standing aside as his son engages in outright abusive or illegal sexual behavior with a minor family member is a moral outrage that immediately disqualifies him for the Presidency. Apart from what this says about him as a man and a father, it is indicative of what he would do as President: step aside while special interests, foreign governments, and the radical left ravage what is left of the American middle class.

This all isn’t looking too good for Hunter.

We can only hope that the FBI and law enforcement will take this seriously and hold Hunter accountable for any wrongdoing.

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