On Thursday night, Don Lemon took his hatred for Trump Supporters to deeper depths during a show handoff between him and his primetime colleague Chris Cuomo. Now I know most of you probably don’t care about CNN or any of their programming, but it has to get you angry how these punks use their media platform to slam you and what you believe.


Lemon used his segment to slam Pres. Trump for continuing to hold rallies amid the coronavirus pandemic, but he didn’t stop there. He had to go after Trump supporters, suggesting they were beyond saving.

“You know what the sad thing is? And I’ll be honest with you … I’ve had many people who I love in my life- and yeah, I come from a red state, I’ve lived in several red states, there are a lot of friends who I’ve had to really get rid of because they are so nonsensical when it comes to this issue,” Lemon said. “They have every single talking point that they hear on state TV and that they hear from this president, they repeat it, and they’re blinded by it.”

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When will members of the mainstream and social media learn, insulting millions of Trump supporters, is not a persuasive method of making their point?

It only causes further resentment, hostility, and a decided lack of trust in media in general. The media’s trust factor is probably as low or lower than drug dealers as it is. Do people like Don Lemon have a trust factor death wish?

Trump supporters are not like drug addicts; we are like Patriots, who will do nearly anything in our power to preserve our Republic and keep it safe from Socialists and Communists who want to exercise control, who tell people they can’t.

Republicans are the party of the can-do, not will not. We believe in Self-Sufficiency, Personal Responsibility, the Rule of Law, Individual Rights, Freedom of Faith, and Press. We believe voting is a right, best done in person – once – and by proving who you are. We do not govern by fear but by fairness. We do not believe that more laws are necessary, but rather enforcing the laws we already have. We believe in Liberty and the right to succeed.

Republicans are the party who stand ready to defend all people of any color or belief without preference, and even if we disagree with their beliefs, we defend their right to have and hold them. We will not allow factions within our government to subvert our Republic from within, and we will defend our Constitution both with Voice and Arms. I think Americans supporting Trump this year ought to be more concerned if Don Lemon had nice things to say about them.


One of the things which turned the tide for then-candidate Donald Trump four years ago was Hillary Clinton maligning anyone considering voting for Trump as deplorable. Go ahead and underestimate the impact of people feeling Trump has been unfairly dealt with by both the media and the Democrats with their fallacious impeachment and their hoax and the general arrogance of liberals to consider themselves as elitists and Trump supporters to be rubes.

I have many opinions on each candidate, good and bad. However, when the words coming from Joe Biden’s own lips are nonsensical and lead back to outright lying (as proven over and over again), I cannot by any rational standing vote for him. He has hurt black communities. He has made unlawful deals while in his political seat. He cannot ever decide if he winds his rear or scratches his watch. He’s lived on lifelong political pay, security clearance, and security detail but has done nothing but a lie, swindle, and molest.
Trump isn’t a politician.

The President speaks out of turn and says things in exaggeration, all while boasting his own morale for each win he achieves. It’s often annoying, but who can you blame him? His record stands for itself, unlike that of Joe Biden. President Trump has brought peace to the Middle East Nations, who’ve become accustomed to war for decades, via Jared Kushner’s help. He’s brought back our trade with much better tariffs so Americans can prosper along with big companies.

He has made way for our Black and Latino communities’ future and their ability to rise above the mess that Dems have imprisoned them in. His record for building funds to aid veterans, the poor, the forgotten, the farmers, and trafficked children and adults is astonishing. We are blessed for all he has done for Us. He hasn’t made a dollar, and yet he keeps on giving to rebuild America. I honestly don’t know when he even sleeps!! I mean, he’s busting tail to rally citizens across the country in drives to be present and boost them up to get out to vote. He is relentless in his patriotism.

There is no way on God’s green earth that I’d ever vote for a liberal, a socialist, or anyone wanting to infringe on every single right I have as written in the United States Constitution. Not one liberal believes in morals anymore. Liberals cannot even come to a table and discuss the issues. High school ended years ago, folks. If Trump loses, we’re all in for some darkness, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They’ve said it with their own mouths. Joe said so himself.

You know you’re doing something right when someone like him hates you – and doing something wrong when he’s on your side. It’s always useful to receive reaffirmation that you’re doing what you should – regardless of the form it takes. This election is probably the most consequential in recent history.

If Pres. Trump wins, and Republicans manage to retain the Senate; the US judiciary system will remain conservative for decades to come, the democrat party will have a civil war within itself, fake news media will implode, the economy will fully recover and grow again in a short period of time, the US borders will be stronger and more secure than ever, nationalists/populists/conservatives throughout the world will thrive, even more, China and Iran will certainly not be happy, etc.


Trump supporters peacefully and joyfully express their support for Trump. Those who oppose Trump supporters look like they spend their time on drugs every day. They are violent, yet Lemon thinks Trump supporters have the problems.

I have zero respect for Dom Lemon. How he is earning a large salary for CNN, I don’t know, but the words coming out of his mouth are meaningless to me. I canceled him long ago.



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